The tuition is charged in Quetzales. The US$ in brackets are just a guide (as the exchange rate is extremely variable)

Discount! If you plan to study 4 weeks (or more) with us, you will receive 25 hours a week for the price of 20 hours!  The discount is cumulative. You pay the normal price for the first 3 weeks, then in week 4, we discount the total amount that has added up during those four weeks . And if you continue to study with us after that you will pay the discounted rate from week 5 onwards.

4 hours a day of classes ( 20 hours p/week)  -  Q980 ( Approx US$ 127)

5 hours a day of classes ( 25 hours p/week)  -  Q1075  ( Approx US$ 137) 

4 hours a day (20 hours p/w) + 7 days Homestay  -  Q1365  (Approx US$ 177) 

5 hours a day (25 hours p/w) + 7 days Homestay Q1460 ( Approx US$ 187)

Family Homestay only (7 days)  -  Q385 (Q55 a day) ( Approx US$ 50)

The prices quoted are for one-on-one classes, but if you choose to study with a friend, please let us know and we will send you an alternative quote.  Also get in touch if you would like to study fewer than 20 hours a week.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tuition Fee includes:

  • Five days a week of one-on-one language instruction
  • (Private room in homestay with a Guatemalan family for seven days a week and three meals a day including Sundays.)
  • Optional participation in daily activities and excursions
  • Optional participation in weekend activities, excluding public transportation costs and entrance costs (and accommodation if overnight, and not camping)
  • Use of Utatlan computers and/ or free  use of wifi.
  • Daily fresh coffee, tea, and snacks during break


Terms and Conditions


 At busy times of the year we require students to sign up online and pay the online registration fee to guarantee your place. It is best to email us in advance of signing up so we can give you information about availability. If a student has to cancel their tuition before they arrive, they should email the school to inform the administration. If you have paid the tuition fee, this can be transferred for sign up at another time. There is no time limit.


 We quote by week (as it is easier) for 5 days of classes and 7 days of homestay, but if a student studies fewer or more days then we will increase or decrease the tuition and homestay payment accordingly.

 We prefer that payment is made in cash in Quetzales. We can accept payments by Paypal, the amount will be converted from Quetzales price and this is subject to a paypal service charge of 7% (subject to change according to paypal change of service fees). We can in some circumstances take online credit card payments but it is subject to a 9% additional charge.

 We apologize that we can no longer directly accept US$ in cash. But it is easy for students to change $ personally in any nearby bank.

 Students pay for tuition when they arrive at the school and from them on they pay on Mondays. We do not ask students to pay for more than one week at a time.

 The school reserves the right to cancel future classes if they have not been paid for.

 Homestay payments must also be made on Mondays for the coming week. If a student leaves the host family to travel, it is not guaranteed they can return to the same house as they will most likely be assigned another student straight away. If they want to leave luggage at the house, this can be arranged with the family, but not in the room otherwise the school will have to continue to charge you rent (as they can’t host another student).

 The homestay payment is by 24 hours (including the 3 meals), so if a student overstays the time they had paid the school for, the family reserve the right to charge an extra day or part day to cover these additional meal costs. The homestay family receives 100% of the homestay money paid by the student, the school does not keep any part of it. 


 Students should confirm their next week’s study timetable by Thursday with the Spanish school coordinator. We cannot guarantee the same teacher if the student does not confirm their next week’s study as we may assign them to another student.


 If a student cancels their next day’s class before the school closes in the evening, the coordinator will advise their teacher and the student will not be charged for that day. If they cancel later than this time, or do not turn up for class, the school commits to paying the teacher and therefore cannot return the tuition cost of that day.


 Students who study as a pair (with one teacher) pay 75% of the normal tuition each. Homestay costs are per person, regardless if people share a room, as this money is to cover food.

 Discounts for 4 weeks’ study (at 25 hours a week) are given in the fourth week (ie the discount is cumulative from week one), from then on, the student will pay only the discounted rate.


 Students sign an activity waiver to acknowledge the risks of participating in extracurricular activities

 Students must have medical insurance to cover any medical expenses while traveling and the school reserves the right to refuse to allow students to take part in activities if they do not have insurance in case of accident and emergency. 

 The school or staff are not responsible for students in any way for their own independent activities (hikes, visits, etc) outside of the school. 

National Holidays:

 On national holidays the formal classroom classes are replaced with an extended cultural activity. Students pay the normal weekly tuition cost for the week, this day is not discounted. The school will cover most costs of this activity (transport, guiding, conference speaker, food) as part of the daily tuition cost. For your information, the teachers are paid in full for this day as well. For exceptional days, such as Dia de los Santos (Nov 1) the activity may be a full day activity away from Xela and due to distances and cost involved,  the school will ask students for a contribution to private transport costs.  Students will be advised before hand.

These days are as follows:
  • Januany 1- Año Nuevo (New Year´s Day)
  • March or April - Jueves Santo y Viernes Santo (Easter)
  • May 1 - Día del trabajo (May Day)
  • June 30 - Día del Ejército (Army Day)
  • September 15 - Día de la independencia (Guatemalan Independence Day)
  • October 20 - Día de la Revolución (Day of the Revolution)
  • November 1 - Día de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day)
  • December 25 – Navidad (Christmas Day)


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